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The time of commissioning a tailor-made suit is now. For a special occasion, a wedding, an event, an awards show or just because you really want it. We offer a fully personalized service, with our know-how and experience to get the suit you’ve been thinking about.

First step is to request an appointment.  We will hear your ideas and start to see materials and possibilities. They are many. You can check our catalog with over 2.000 references by best European Labels and knowing the different types of cuts, openings, liners and other details. We will take measures and we’ll get started with the project.

After a while, we will call you for the first tacking suit test and on another meet, with the adjustments which were necessary. Before you have your w suit, you’ll try it and check that the pattern fits perfectly your measurements and movements.

In the last appointment, we will give you the finished suit. It is a craft and very careful process, which usually invest five to eight weeks. The time it takes for everything to be perfect.