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Antonio Najarro, our man of the week

Ours and spanish GQ magazine´s, they have honored Spanish National Ballet director. Antonio, a really good professional, custoner and friend, speak about us in his interview. Indispensable in his wardrobe: A GARCIA MADRID suit. You can read the whole article clicking... read more

Introducing collection FW17

Past 20th february, 20:00 cet, GARCIA MADRID show up its new ideas for the forthcoming season FW17. One of the funniest parties of the Mercedes-Bend Fashion Week Madrid and also one of the most interesting fashion shows, in words of specialized critics. At Sala Cocó... read more

Marc López & GARCIA MADRID, a perfect tandem

2016 hasn´t been so bad. Or at least not for everyone. Marc López will be able to remember this year as in which he get the Olympic gold doubles pair with Rafa Nadal. And he also won the Doha Open and his first Grand Slam of Roland Garros. Almost nothing. And to... read more

Xmas is the best present

Let´s live this next christmas in an arty way. Journalists from Fuera de Serie, an special from spanish economic newspaper Expansión asked Manuel García, creative director of GARCIA MADRID for an idea to present this xmas. Art is the answer. If not the only one, a... read more


GARCIA MADRID loves Wedding plans, helping to the guests and even dressing up the witness, father or the very protagonist on his most special day. That´s why we love spanish magazine focus on weddings OXXO Wedding talk about us in their new issue. Long live the bride... read more

GARCIA MADRID, the new taylor

Our friends of Dapper magazine includes us in this article down there (you can read it in spanish). Talking from the cutting, lines and the fabrics we use to produce our collections. Take a... read more

Discover our elegant Dualitat

Our friends and partners in Chile signed this SS16/17 campaign, in which they want to show GARCIA MADRID style. So smart from our shop at Vitacura, Santiago de Chile. Starring twin top chilean models Ignacio and Andrés Schuitemaker. Don´t miss... read more

John Grvy, the elegance of soul

Taramona introduces us John Grvy in this article at Rewisor Magazine. John is a young promise of spanish soul scene. Check how good he looks with our suits and bomber, thanks to Pepa Rosenbaum´s stylism and pictures by Andrés Alcázar.... read more

10 years with love!

This wednesday, september 14th, we met with all colleagues and friends in an event at hotel ME Reina Victoria in Madrid, to celebrate our tenth anniversary. And it was a success, of course. Thank you everyone for being there and let´s have a toast for many more years... read more

Big in Japan

Elegance knows no boundaries. Therefore, we have participated in an exhibition of the best of fashion in our country at the Embassy of Spain in Tokyo. An appetizer of our proposals for importers and specialized press in Japan. A demanding market who appreciates our... read more